Employer guidance on social distancing during COVID-19

Which business premises can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic? And what should employers be aware of in relation to social distancing guidelines?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has produced guidance to help businesses adapt to this new way of working and answering some commonly asked questions about social distancing in the workplace.

What counts as essential or non-essential work?

The HSE explains in its guidance that, with the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues (such as hairdressers, cinemas and nightclubs), other businesses can remain open, with employees working from home wherever possible.

When employees do need to work from offices or other workplaces, employers should ensure that employees are able, where possible, to follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing and hygiene.

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Social distancing and travelling to work

As laid out on the HSE website, people should only be travelling to work when it is impossible for them to work from home.

If people do have to travel to work, they should observe the social distancing guidelines, including keeping a two metre distance from others, where possible.

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Where to find out more

More detailed information for employers can be found on the Gov.uk website including good practice for the workplace, advice on how to help staff follow social distancing guidelines, and tips for customer-facing businesses that may need to put measures in place to avoid crowding. 

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